Hamilton Park : We Hit Triple Digits!

Jersey City, NJ - The three figures were not reserved for a team lighting up the scoreboard. In fact for a good part of our three games on Friday the scoreboard was not functioning. Thee figures refers to the mercury. An incredible slap by Mother Nature of 108 degrees. Yes, that is 108. Add to it a temperature humidity index of 117. Really now, is there much difference between 108 and 117? Not much at all.

     Our game times to officiate were 4,5 and 6 p.m. League and officiating coordinator Pat Devaney said the games would go on outside. "It's an outdoor league," he said. No retreat to the AC of School 7 in the Heights. Beside, Devaney pointed out, there was plenty of water and the "sun goes down around 6." Where, Iceland ? Actually, Devaney  had a valid point as that star 93 million miles away from us does start to dip below the treeline around  6 p.m.  The scores :


Junior Friars                        31                                      J.C. Boy's Club                   26

St. Michael's                        43                                      Trinity CYO                          35

Snyder                                 55                                       Bergen Catholic                 35

     First two were grade school games with the high school contest wrapping up our 'trifecta'. A few notes :

Needless to say, water and/or gatorade following each quarter. It not only refreshed but was instrumental in getting us through the three games.

Game two a coach was looking for a three second call. As officials we are taught the three second is "a garbage call." You will see it called but not too much.

After the first game, Junior Friar coach Ed Malloy, a St. Anthony's High School assistant, made it a point to say thank you to your 'author' and partner Scott for "working hard on a brutal day."

St. Michael's, arguably the best team in the 8th/9th grade division, had just five players. They were enough to get the W.

Game three, as expected was the fastest. nyder, despite having five players, relentlessly pushed the ball. They ran away from an improving Bergen Catholic group.

Halftime of game three, a Hudson Catholic fan who takes in the action here, asks if I am writing about this night. How can you not  tell this tale....

For a game and a half, time was kept by a stop watch at the scorer's table. Jersey City experienced a power outage. And for that duration, it seemed all you heard was the sound of police sirens  and  fire  whistles.

Game three had a true 'mid-major' emphasis. The respective coaches both starred at mids. Shelton Gibbs of Snyder played for St.Peter's while Bergen's Billy Armstrong ran the point at Davidson.

Post Game(s): A refreshing Blue Moon at the Hamilton Park Ale House down the street more than hit the spot.

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