Hamilton Park : Day after the Fourth Edition

     After a Fourth of July weekend respite, the league got back in action with a six-pack. That is, six games on the outdoor court at Hamilton Park. Officiating called for the first three of the afternoon/evening.


     The scores :

Junior Ironmen              63                        Jersey Shore Warriors            45

Junior Ironmen              55                        Jersey Shore Warriors            36

St. Anthony's JV              48                        Dickinson                                 42

     The first two, grammar school division (actually 8th/9th grade) games , were not a misprint. Nor was Bill Murray on hand for a replay of "Ground Hog Day'. The regular schedule had the Ironmen and Warriors meeting. There also necessitated a makeup between these teams as a June game was postponed due to a bomb scare at School 7. For convenience sake as suggested by league director Pat Devaney,  the two teams agreed on a doubleheader. The results, as noted showed the  Ironmen in control both contests.

     Jersey Shore is an AAU club from the shore area of Monmouth and Ocean counties. For out of state readers, trust me, it has nothing to do with the reality show except having a similar name. The players and coaches of  the Warriors work hard and exhibit good sportsmanship. No foul mouths, bad attitudes , filth or similar antics that seem to get the attention of the Jersey Shore reality show followers.

    The Ironmen are headed to Don Dosco Prep in the Fall. Known for its national power football , Bosco has a strong basketball program in its ow right. And with the addition of the talent on the Junior Ironmen, basketball will continue to excel at the Ramsey, NJ school.

     Best of the three games was the last. St. Anthony's JV sealed a close game with clutch free throw shooting down the stretch.

    Another fair representation of basketball fan came out for the games on a warm but pleasant night. Among them were Mike Reilly retired McNair coach. Mike is a hoop junkie who loves the NIT having seen his first game in that tournament in the Fifties back in the 'old Garden'. Another McNair rep, AD Hugh Dwyrer was also on hand. Making the rounds while taking in the games was Damel Ling. A former St. Anthony's assistant and Marist girls coach,Ling is now an assistant at powerful St. Patrick's in Elizabeth.

    Impressed with...The way the Junior Ironmen got out in transition and stiol shared the ball on the break. Another point in the zone offenses teams are running. Simple but effective.

    Action resumes with weekday games from 4:30 through 8:30 at Hamilton Park. School 7 in the Heights in case of rain.

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