Hamilton Park : Trifecta Thursday

   Granted the headlines are a stretch. At any rate Thursday saw a full slate of six games, two grade school and four high school, with action moved indoors to School 7. Officiating assignments, called for the last three, all high school contests.


The Scores :

Newark Tech       53                         Lincoln   36

Snyder                  41                         St. Joe's (Metcuhen)  38

Lincoln                 30                         Paramus Catholic    22


Impressed with.....

     Newark Tech. They have size, speed, run the floor well and are the beneficiaries of sound guard play. Little wonder they have only one loss here. That to undefeated St. Anthony's.

    Resilience of teams in game two. Snyder got out to a 10-1 lead but St. Joe's never got rattled. They stayed with their system and ultimately built a seven point lead of their own. Down the stretch, Snyder of Jersey City maintained composure. Following a St.Joe's travel, Snyder had the ball on their own endline with four seconds left. After a time out, a long pass was thrown to the right of the court. The Snyder guard took it released a 30-footer that banked in at the buzzer. Snyder coach Shelton Gibbs then smiled as he added in jest "just as I drew it (the play) up."

    Lincoln showed resilience of their own. Down 4-0 early to Paramus Catholic, the Lions rattled off 18 straight points. They led 18-5 at the half. Controlling tempo, they ran a variation of  Princeton offense to eat clock and create scoring opportunities inside. Paramus Catholic made a late run but never seriously threatened. For Lincoln it was their first an well deserved win of the HP season.

   Final note....Scorers table was late putting up two points for St.Joe's midway through their game. A parent or two hollered 'change the score, change it!'. Parents and/or fans do not know we work off the official (score) book. If there's a discrepancy we check the book or books at the end of the quarter. Score table personnel have a tough job that demands precision and concentration. At Hamilton Park we have the best with the likes of league director Pat Devaney as well as Randy and Regina. I am remiss leaving anyone out. Needless to say we as officials appreciate their outstanding work which allows our games to go smoothly. Do they make mistakes ? Yes, at times, as do officials players and coaches. No one is perfect. Least of all complaining fans who do not understand the work and expertise involved on the table.

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