Missouri Valley Holds Form, Gonzaga Falls in Latest AP Top 25

Jonathan Daniel

Creighton and Wichita State held form in the latest AP Top 25, while Gonzaga fell four spots after losing its first game against Illinois.

Creighton held its spot in the latest AP Top 25 poll, coming in at No. 16. Wichita State moved up one spot to No. 23. From that standpoint, the Missouri Valley held serve in the rankings during Week 6 of the AP poll.

Gonzaga wasn't so lucky. A loss to Illinois late Saturday night ceded the Bulldogs' No. 10 spot to the Illini. Gonzaga finds itself down at No. 14.

As for other mid-majors, only Murray State found a way to get votes this week, still hanging at the bottom of the "others" group. The Racers received four votes.

But should all of these teams have received more? According to the vote totals, someone didn't submit a ballot in this week's poll.

For every week prior to this, 65 ballots were cast. This week, just 64 votes were tallied.

That could explain some of the minor changes in the poll, teams swapping a single spot. So who was it?

Even the AP's website makes it hard to tell. There are only 64 voters listed (even though the header says 65). Someone shirked their duties this week.

Of course, I doubt that that would have gotten more mid-majors into the running for a spot. Given the results of the computer poll, the only team that I could see making a push and potentially getting some notice is Memphis. The Tigers have been playing better of late, and had a big win this week over Ohio.

But then again, even the Commercial Appeal voter, Jason Smith, didn't see fit to rank them.

Here is the complete AP poll for week six.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Indiana (44) 9-0 1580 1
2 Duke (20) 9-0 1551 2
3 Michigan 9-0 1444 3
4 Syracuse 8-0 1378 4
5 Florida 7-0 1319 6
6 Louisville 8-1 1303 5
7 Ohio State 6-1 1211 7
8 Arizona 7-0 1178 8
9 Kansas 7-1 1087 9
10 Illinois 10-0 991 13
11 Cincinnati 9-0 944 11
12 Missouri 8-1 877 12
13 Minnesota 10-1 714 14
14 Gonzaga 9-1 699 10
15 Georgetown 7-1 577 15
16 Creighton 9-1 525 16
17 New Mexico 10-0 512 18
18 San Diego State 7-1 491 17
19 Michigan State 8-2 328 19
20 UNLV 7-1 305 21
21 North Carolina 7-2 298 20
22 Notre Dame 8-1 283 22
23 Wichita State 9-0 280 24
24 Oklahoma State 7-1 251 23
25 North Carolina State 6-2 213 25
Others Receiving Votes: Oregon 177, Pittsburgh 177, Kentucky 44, Wyoming 15, Connecticut 10, Marquette 8, Virginia Commonwealth 6, Butler 5, Maryland 5, Murray State 4, Alabama 3, Miami 3, Virginia Tech 3, LSU 1.
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