Fantasy Basketball Challenge: Luck of the Ireland

Anthony Ireland speeds past the compeition as he leads Luck of the Ireland to sweet, sweet victory. I mean, seriously, look at those racing stripes shaved into the side of his hair. - David Becker

Many teams will fail in the face of adversity, but not all teams are lucky enough to have a player named Ireland.

Anthony Ireland is not a leprechaun, and I don't think anybody will be mistaking him for a resident of South Bend, IN, either. However, that will not stop this fantasy team from riding the 5'10" point guard to the pot 'o bragging rights at the end of the season. Just to add a little luck, our team logo is even the Guinness harp (because what college team isn't motivated by beer?), which will prove to make the Luck of the Ireland unstoppable.

In all honestly, Anthony Ireland was not the first pick on my fantasy team. While I did intentionally rank him a little higher on my draft board to ensure I got him, my glorious roster was actually forged in this order:

Dwayne Evans, Saint Louis

Juvonte Reddic, VCU

Tyreek Duren, La Salle

Tyler Haws, BYU

Treveon Graham, VCU

Jake Odum, Indiana State

Jameel Warney, Stony Brook

Anthony Ireland, Loyola Marymount

Malcolm Miller, Holy Cross

Chase Fieler, Florida Gulf Coast

RJ Hunter, Georgia State

Seth Tuttle, Northern Iowa

As noted by Ben, I was actually able to draft the top six players on my draft board. Either this is an incredibly effective draft strategy or the other three writers know a whole lot more about these players than I do. Either way, of all the athletes I did not successfully draft, it was actually the seventh player on my draft board I wish I had ranked a little higher. Unfortunately, Chaz Williams was drafted by Parks in the second round. I guess I can't get every guy who is going to dominate the court this season.

The other player I missed out on was Sim Bhullar, but considering Jake's team has actually been named the Fightin' Bhullars I suppose it's alright he got him.

The only other flaw in my team is that the final composition did not lead to me being a Missouri State Bears homer. I had ranked Marcus Marshall a little lower on my draft board, expecting that the players above him would be taken. They were not, however, and so I did not get to show off my maroon and white pride, selecting a UNI Panther instead of a Bear.

In the end, I am happy with this team, and I think nearly any real life basketball coach would be rather pleased with a roster composed with these players. This will be an enjoyable season of college basketball, and while I hope my fantasy opponents have a fun season, I'm not going to wish them any luck. Luck of the Ireland has a monopoly on that stuff.

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