Longwood Vs. Liberty Gave Two Top Performers, A Memorable Ending

Tristan Carey didn't have to deal with Otto Porter on Tuesday night. - USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the 55-point, 4-minute span at the end of the game were two individual performances that lit up the night, and our Game Score stat.

In case you missed it last night, the ending of the Big South showdown between Longwood and Liberty gave us one memorable ending. This wasn't so much for last-second, buzzer beaters, of which there were none.

This was for the shooting clinic that the two teams had during the final four minutes of the game. Our Big South expert Parks was at the game, and he mentioned afterwards that he didn't even realize the magnitude of the shooting numbers until he was reading over them again for his recap of the game.

That two teams were able to combine for 55 points in those four minutes -- more than some teams have managed in 40 minutes this year -- is a remarkable feat, and one that ends up overshadowing two individual performances on the night.

Safe to say we won't see that again any time soon at the Division 1 level (and you definitely won't see it in a Big Ten game, like the one that had most of the country mesmerized while this show was happening).

The same can be said for those two individual performances.

Tristan Carey led the Lancers with 40 points and 12 rebounds in the win. He shot 53.3 percent from 3-point range (8-for-15), and 54.5 percent overall. All of that happened with him turning the ball over just twice in the contest.

That is quite a line (including a whopping 23.4 DEF100 for the game, thanks to the final inflated scoring on the night). It was good enough for a Game Score of 84.5, putting him among the 10 best we have seen this season.

The scary thing is that he was almost matched by the performance of Liberty's John Caleb Sanders, who had just 24 points and seven rebounds, but added 10 of his team's 19 assists on the night. The line doesn't pop at you as much as a 40-point game (or Davon Marshall's 31 points on 11 of 17 shooting, but lacking the full stat sheet bump), but it was equally impressive.

Sanders played 33 minutes, and finished with a Game Score of 74.2. The assists played a big role in that, but that he was able to combine both scoring and passing, along with an almost triple-double, really put it over the top.

If you missed it, a replay of the game is available on ESPN3. If you don't watch it for the final 4 minutes, you might just want to keep an eye on the two stars of the night.

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