Nate Wolters Just Misses Triple Double in Loss to CSU Bakersfield


South Dakota State's star just missed another historic night for himself. It is too bad it came in a loss to an independent team.

Chalk this one up to a big "Huh?!?!" South Dakota State has lost to CSU Bakersfield. In double overtime. And Nate Wolters was Nate Wolters.

So huh?

This probably won't match up with Wolters' signature performance this season, but it might come close. The Jackrabbit star had 32 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Yes, he was just a single pass converted into a hoop from triple-double land.

That pass probably would also have given South Dakota State the win.

The Jackrabbits lost 79-78 in the end, thanks to two free throws by Stephon Carter after a controversial foul call on a missed basket with basically no time left on the clock in the second extra period.

It left the South Dakota State tweeter speechless:

That this is the only record of the event is a shame, as with Wolters' 53-point night, this game wasn't televised live (Just a note that I have been able to watch Oakland multiple times this season. It is probably too late to correct this, but someone needs to know where the Summit bread is buttered).

So Wolters essentially went off in a Twitter alternate universe, one that everyone could keep an eye on, but only a privileged few could actually watch.

(ed. note: Matt Turk, the CSU Bakersfield SID, let me know late Wednesday night that the game was televised locally in Bakersfield. At least the home team fans got to see a show. Next season, CSUB will join the WAC and will be streaming games online.)

Now if this foul at the end was the difference, it really shouldn't have been. Wolters went to the line in the second overtime and missed both his foul shots. Chad White missed one on the trip right before the foul that ended this. The Jacks were just 12-for-21 from the free throw line. Those nine points, those tricky little nine points. They might have been the difference here.

Then again, Bakersfield was getting a lot of chances at the line: 33 to be exact. That is to be expected when you are the home team. But it wasn't like South Dakota State had shot terribly in this game.

The Jacks had 50 percent shooting, 38 percent from three. But those fouls shots... and the 18 turnovers... well, there were some issues here. Hard to say what the ultimate issue was -- again, watching on Twitter people -- but it wasted another great night from Nate.

At least it will help the Mid-Major 5.

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