AP Poll: Back to Two Ranked Mid-Majors, But Lurkers Multiply

Akron is trying to muscle its way into the AP Top 25 - USA TODAY Sports

Gonzaga and Creighton continue to hold spots in the Top 25, and the cast of mid-majors receiving votes grows in Week 14 of the AP Poll.

Perhaps the writers are beginning to take notice outside of the normal blinders. Oh wait, we know that can't be the case.

Still, as the season continues to be wacky, with no real separation among the second tier of about 40 teams, some of the mid-major teams are getting noticed for their accomplishments on the court. (Notice we said teams there...)

We all know about Gonzaga and Creighton (although that loss to Illinois by the Bulldogs is beginning to look stranger and stranger, especially since it occurred in Spokane).

But the "Others receiving votes" group is now crowded with mid-majors waiting to jump into the Top 25 with the next change in the wind. Wichita State (which lost its spot this week due to two losses) heads the group with 49 votes in the latest tally.

Behind the Shockers are Memphis at 44 votes, St. Mary's with 27 votes, WAC leader Louisiana Tech at 24 votes, MAC leader Akron with four votes, and Belmont bringing up the rear with a single vote.

Just getting mentioned here is a big step in terms of getting the recognition it is going to take come March to have any longer consideration at the committee's table. But it is going to need to be backed up by results on the court over the final month to make this name recognition stick.

Here is the complete AP Poll for Week 14:

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Indiana (58) 20-2 1615 3
2 Florida (7) 18-2 1536 4
3 Michigan 20-2 1490 1
3 Duke 19-2 1413 5
5 Kansas 19-2 1350 2
6 Gonzaga 21-2 1249 7
7 Arizona 19-2 1248 8
8 Miami 17-3 1132 14
9 Syracuse 18-3 1091 6
10 Ohio State 17-4 1033 11
11 Louisville 18-4 1018 12
12 Michigan State 18-4 994 13
13 Kansas State 17-4 782 18
14 Butler 18-4 774 9
15 New Mexico 19-3 660 20
16 Creighton 20-3 578 21
17 Cincinnati 18-4 552 24
18 Minnesota 17-5 454 23
19 Oregon 18-4 390 10
20 Georgetown 16-4 364 NR
21 Missouri 16-5 245 17
22 Oklahoma State 15-5 235 NR
23 Pittsburgh 18-5 207 NR
24 Marquette 15-5 137 25
25 Notre Dame 18-4 132 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Ole Miss 75, North Carolina State 64, Colorado State 49, Wichita State 49, Memphis 44, Wisconsin 28, Saint Mary's 27, Louisiana Tech 24, Kentucky 21, San Diego State 17, UNLV 13, UCLA 8, Saint Louis 8, Virginia Commonwealth 8, Virginia 4, Akron 4, Connecticut 2, Belmont 1.
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