Isaiah Canaan and Ed Daniel Both Go to Houston

Andy Lyons

Canaan was selected 34th in last nights draft and the news this morning is that his Murray State teammate Ed Daniel will be joining the Rockets summer team as well.

I was happy to be in Murray, Ky for the draft and to be around fellow Racer fans who were really getting my hopes high that Canaan would go in the first round.

Starting with the 21st pick we started to get anxious. Knowing Isaiah could be picked at anytime now, every new team that came on the clock we speculated how well "Sip" would fit in with that organization.

Many people were thinking the Pacers would take him at 23 because of the strong workouts Isaiah had with the team but that pick went to Solomon Hill.

It was then that the consensus in the room and on Twitter that Isaiah would be picked by the Spurs, another team he had worked out with and done extremely well. But San Antonio selected Livio-Jean Charles. A player whom even the experts say needs a few years before he can be apart of an NBA roster.

At any rate, the next pick was the one that stung the most. With the 29th pick, Oklahoma City selected Archie Goodwin.

Living in Kentucky I watched just about every UK game and let me just say, Archie Goodwin is not a first rounder. That is unless your team is in need of a player who can't shoot from anywhere on the court, has a below average basketball IQ and whose main strategy consists of driving out of control to the basket, falling down and hoping to end up at the free throw line.

Me either Seth.

Goodwin was the first of five straight shooting guards taken and then with the 4th pick in the second round, ESPN cut to commercial.

After receiving the news via Twitter, Racer Nation was given an NBA team to pull for.

The people over at The Dream Shake think they got a good player as well but have said that Isaiah will have to work his way onto the Rockets roster and probably start off in the D-League.

Joining a team with a plethora of guard including Linsanity, Canaan will have to prove his worth but it's something I believe he can and will do. This may end up being the perfect situation for IC3 as he will be joining a winning team but one that he can contribute on.

NBA Draft - Isaiah Canaan (via racerathletics1)

As if Murray State fans needed another reason to go out and buy Rockets apparel, Ed Daniel was picked up Houston as an unsigned free agent.

Ed will participate in the Rockets summer league and if he does well there, will be invited back in the fall.

I think it's a safe bet to say that the amount of people from the western part of Kentucky visiting will increase at least 90% over the next few months.


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