Benjamin Miraski

Managing Editor

Inciting Catholic school fans since 2003. Pretty sure I am not allowed on campus at either Marquette or Notre Dame at this point. Standing up for the little guy.



The Dayton Flyers were finally less that exacting against an opponent in this NCAA Tournament. They picked the wrong team against to let their flaws show through.

Dayton Flyers Elite Eight Open Thread

Come join in the discussion of the Dayton Flyers as they take on Florida with a chance to get to the Final Four.

Dayton Assistant Tommy Ostrom Key to Florida, Dayton Success


You might not know who Tommy Ostrom is, but he was key to Florida winning the 2006 NCAA title and he has been instrumental in getting Dayton to the Elite Eight against those Gators.

Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel did a great story highlighting one of the unknown forces behind this Dayton team's rise.

Lines and Odds for Dayton Flyers Saturday Night

Do you need a way to make Saturday night's game a little more exciting? We have the updated lines and odds for the Dayton Flyers in Saturday night's Elite 8 game against Florida.

A Dayton Alum Waxes Poetic About Being a Flyer


This was handed on by a friend who went to the University of Dayton. She said this captures what it feels like to be a Dayton Flyer during this run, and in life in general.

Give a read.

Get to Know Florida With Alligator Army

How can Dayton get ahead in the Elite 8 against Florida? By knowing their opponent really well. No one knows the Florida Gators better than Alligator Army so we sat down with Andy Hutchins to get...

Dayton Faces Tough Test in Florida Gators

Dayton has won in every way you could imagine during the NCAA Tournament to reach the Elite 8. But have they finally run into an opponent that has no weakness?

Scouting Session: Friday Sweet 16 Open Thread

Where can you go to chat about all the games Friday night? Why, right here at Mid-Major Madness. After all, we need to scout potential opponents for the Dayton Flyers if they win Saturday night.

Murray State is Having a Recognition Problem


Racers advance to CIT Final Four! #RacerNation @rfoley55 @MurrayKentucky @murraystateuniv @RacerDave23 @MKYproblems

— Amy Pulpaneck (@amy_pulpaneck) March 28, 2014

If you didn't know, Murray State is in the Final Four for the CIT. But people in Kentucky have seemingly forgot about that given that Louisville and Kentucky meet tonight in the Sweet 16.

We still love you Murray State.



Your Dayton Daily News front page this morning. The web headline might have won overall though: "Tree Down, Three to Go!"

(via the Newseum)

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