Nicolas Lewis

Senior Editor


Dons Lack Kruize Control, Fall At Home To BYU

The Dons waged a good fight, but couldn't match BYU's physicality, as all the little details went against them down the stretch. Junior Kruize Pinkins' athleticism got away from him, and the...

Harvard-UConn: Crimson Not EnoughWithout Sanders

Taking a night off to nurse the mild knee injury he incurred against Rice, Wesley Saunders was absent from the Crimson's tilt against Connecticut - and they damn near beat 'em anyway.

Is Incarnate Word a Real Contender?

In an interesting turn of events, the Southland conference currently features a small Texas school at the top of the standings. It's too bad it won't last, but it may be worth seeing how far from...

Hinson: "Bad Dog, Get On the Treadmill"

Southern Illinois head coach Barry Hinson is all over ESPN and other media outlets this morning after shredding his team in the postgame press conference after last night's 73-65 loss to Murray State

FIU May Face Sanctions Over Eligibility Snafu


Raymond Taylor's - and FIU's - poor attention to NCAA eligibility guidelines could cost the Panthers a lot this season, perhaps even some of the games they already won.

NAIA Lets Student Athlete Keep Prize Money


Here's a situation the NCAA might learn a thing or two from. Cameron Rodriguez plays basketball for Southwest College, an NAIA school in Kansas. He also was one of a recent string of Oklahoma City Thunder fans to swish home a half-court shot that earned him a cool $20,000 in prize money. The NAIA initiall ruled that keeping the money would eliminate his amatuer status (and eligibility to play), but on appeal agreed with the school's idea that Rodriguez could keep the cash as a scholarship. I'd call that a win-win. See, NCAA, positive compromise DOES exist!

Morning Coffee: UCSB Pushes UCLA, UMass Perfect


UMass stayed perfect (though it was in doubt for a while), UCSB gave UCLA a run for their money, and some familiar names had some huge games last night.

Knights Reign Down On Rutgers In Huge Road Win


In what was the fifth game in nine days for both squads, Greg Herenda's Knights managed to record what is a marquee win for the program.

Spiders Threat Squashed By Tar Heels


In a game of back-and-forth, North Carolina's superior athletes and Richmond's inferior three-point shooting eventually caught up with the Spiders, who eventually fell to Roy Williams and his...


Careful Consideration For False Accusations

We should be more careful how we toss around our opinions when dealing with allegations against athletes, because we have no way of knowing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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