Marlin: "We Made Him Get An Eye Exam"


As we continue our series of interviews with names and faces around the mid-major rank, we sit down with Bob Marlin at Louisiana-Lafayette to discuss the upcoming season, including his massive...

Sioux Fight On? NCAA Approves Some Carryover


The University of North Dakota, after a long and contentious battle with the NCAA, has been granted concessions as a means of phasing out their "offensive" Native American imagery and moniker.

Michael Haynes: "Cowards run to guns in a fight"


In a city plagued by violence, Iona's Michael Haynes dreamed of making the NBA and getting his family to a better place. He was gunned down before he had the chance. I hope that his story can help...

Notre Dame's Move Could Impact Mid-Majors


Notre Dame has begun the ripple effect of conference realignment once again. Nick Fasulo makes his debut at Mid-Major Madness with a look at how this could trickle down to the little guys with a...

35 or Bust: Don't Change My Shot Clock


Changing the college basketball shot clock to 24 seconds has turned into the issue of the week. But doing so could serve to staunch the diversity that lives and breaths in the college game....

Rick Majerus: A Coach in Peril


Rick Majerus' heart - and the possibly poor job he's done paying attention to it - have forced him once again to step away from the game he loves. Little guys everywhere are a little lesser for it.

Evaluating Murray State's Isaiah Canaan

Murray State's Isaiah Canaan has had a strange development curve, which makes projecting his value senior year difficult. Will he improve even further to become a Naismith candidate, or is there...

Temple Addition of Boston University's Jake O'Brien Fills Gap, Adds Depth

Boston University's Jake O'Brien is transferring to Temple where he should move right into the starting lineup. We look at possible value projections for the senior, misplaced perceptions, and a...

Scrapping NCAA's APR Because of Flaws Doesn't Make Sense

Should the NCAA get rid of the APR measure and its new eligibility requirements? Yes, according to two recent ESPN columns. We offer a counter argument, saying fix the flaws, don't scrap the system.

Will Creighton's Doug McDermott Be The Best College Player Next Year?


There is a new set of player projections developed by Drew Cannon, focusing on the best returning players. We take a look at the mid-major players on the list, and how well it matches the eye test,...

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