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Mid-Major Madness, the Podcast

Mid-Major Madness recorded its inaugural podcast episode last night with special guest Charleston Southern coach Barclay Radebaugh. Join Parks Smith and Ben Miraski for an hour of college basketball fun.

Peter E is Your Bracket Master

Peter E takes home the inaugural Mid-Major Madness Bracket Challenge. He edged out the win by a single point.

Join Our NCAA Tournament Challenge

Come and join our bracket competition on Yahoo. You might win a prize (yet to be determined)

Win $25 Just For Writing A Fanpost!

Sit down and write a fanpost. Doesn't matter what it's about or how long it is, just relate it back to one of the 347 teams we cover. Do it well enough, and there could be a $25 gift card in your future

Inside The Numbers: Developing a Game Score

Can you find a way to come up with a single number that would represent a player's contribution to a win or loss in a basketball game? We look inside the numbers and take a stab at adjusting HOOPWAR to give us a starting point.

Keep It Classy, Mid-Major Madness

In the wake of several personal attacks in comments, we felt that the community needed a little reminder that you can argue without talking about someone's mother.

Reminder: Mid-Major Madness Has a New Twitter Feed

Mid-Major Madness has switched its official Twitter feed to @mid_madness. Don't miss our expanded coverage of mid-major basketball at our new location.

New Face Coming to SBNation and Mid-Major Madness

A new look and feel is coming to SBNation. See the new screen shots and find out what is coming to Mid-Major Madness soon!

One Nation, United Through Individuality: What's In Store for MMM and SBNation

Mid-Major Madness helps usher in the new era of sportswriting at SBNation with the introduction of its new logo. Check out the work on the 300-plus sites and hear more about what is to come.

Introduction to Player Value: An Overview of HOOPWAR

Imagine my surprise this morning when I got a Google Alert for my name and it was another SBNation site writing about HOOPWAR. The guys over at At The Hive stole my thunder a little bit, but I...


Quantifying Team Strength: An Introduction to the MRI

Here at Mid-Major Madness, we are going to be using a formula called the MRI to help gauge team strength. Learn more about the formula and its origins here.

To Live and Die, and Live Again in Madness

It is the best of times and the worst of times to be a mid-major basketball team in America. On the positive side, the gap between the haves and the have nots in basketball has never been smaller....

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