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Wichita State is Not Good Following Timeouts

Gregg Marshall has gotten some praise for his pre-game speeches that CBS has shown throughout the run to this point. But maybe they need to stick a camera in the huddle to see what he is doing differently. Luke Winn's final Power Rankings have the Shockers last, and the entirety of the detail on the Shockers points out that they are not exactly good at scoring after a timeout. Of the Final Four squads they are the worst, which is odd for a team that plays slow, and therefore would be in a number of close games where each possession is measured out by the man on the sidelines.Definitely worth a look.

CBS' Gary Parrish With Another Take on Florida Gulf Coast

Gary Parrish was on the floor in Philadelphia to get the raw reaction from the Florida Gulf Coast team. They are just as blown away by this as the rest of us are. #DunkCity lives on.

Need More Creighton? The Jays Have You Covered

Creighton has put together a preview magazine for its men's and women's basketball team as they enter the NCAA Tournament.Definitely a nicely polished piece of content there. One question though: does Doug McDermott ever look good when screaming? Check out page eight.

Ken Pomeroy Explains Why Seeds Don't Matter

We focus on seeding too much in the NCAA Tournament. What we should be concerned with are the actual matchups. Ken Pomeroy writes at Slate on why you need to stop focusing on who ended up with the No. 1 seeds, and on down, and worry about something that truly matters. Just more knowledge brought to you by us, your friendly neighborhood bracket tipsters.

ESPN Presents 10 Guys You Should Already Know

I understand that most normal people only start paying attention to college basketball now, after the season is over and before the NCAA Tournament begins. They need help filling out their brackets! (Can you sense the Valley Girl voice and the sarcasm there?) Anyway, ESPN gives you 10 players from mid-major teams that you should already know by now. If you don't, well, you haven't been reading here enough.

First Four Games Can Be Confusing

I got a good chuckle out of this conversation on Twitter this morning. Just goes to show that having uneven brackets can be confusing to people who don't normally follow college basketball. This girl will probably still win her pool.

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