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Computer Rankings: Your Guide to Pick Your Bracket

Picking your bracket has never been easier. You just need to follow what the computer lays out for you. Here is the final pre-NCAA Tournament computer rankings to help you out.

Computer Rankings: Middle Tennessee To Top 10

The Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State may not have gotten much press headed to the conference tournament season, but they might now. They have climbed into the top 10 of the computer rankings...

Computer Rankings: Zags Up to No. 4, Others Slip

Gonzaga is bucking the trend among the mid-major ranks as teams try to establish themselves in the minds of the NCAA Tournament committee. Then again, that should be no surprise. The full rankings...

Computer Rankings: Soft Bubble Favors Mid-Majors?

Could the soft bubble for this season's NCAA Tournament favor the mid-major teams sitting on it with chances for at-large tickets? History tells us "no," but when you compare the teams by the eye...

Computer Rankings: Revenge of the Mid-Majors?

Mid-major teams might have had a little trouble gaining a foothold in the computer rankings earlier this season. But now we count seven of the Top 25 in the MRI among our ranks. What has changed?

MRI Computer Rankings: BYU Makes Leap Into Top 25

The losses by the final four undefeated teams have kept the rankings rather stable. But one team from the West Coast Conference made a major move into the Top 25 this week.

MRI Computer Rankings: Return of the WAC?

Could the WAC be back at least for one last gasp of a season? We look at how Utah State and Louisiana Tech are knocking on the door of the Top 56 in the latest MRI computer rankings.

MRI Computer Rankings: Early Christmas Presents

Colorado State, Oklahoma State and Kentucky turned light weeks into big gains in the computer rankings, moving into the top 25. But the news isn't quite as good for the leading mid-majors.

MRI Computer Rankings: A Hard Road To Top 25

Despite what seems like a wide-open season, the road to making the top 25 has been difficult for the mid-majors most likely to make the push. Do we have a new crop of teams that we should be...

MRI Computer Rankings: Tough Week for Mid-Majors

A few big losses by mid-major teams jumbled the rankings this week. And big moves by Syracuse and Louisville moved them to the top, but still behind the Hoosiers. See all the rankings from 1-347 in...

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