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POTUS: Cheatey "does things the right way"

President Obama hosted the Super Champion Seahawks. In the course of his general remarks praising the individual members of the team, he unleashed a corker about Cheaty Petey which went beyond what...

NCAA Throws the Book at Texas Southern

Texas Southern has been banned from the postseason and put on five years probation for actions under former basketball coach Tony Harvey. The list of penalties include a reduction in scholarships...


McKnight/SUV Scandal: Follow-up Re. "United States of China" Marketing Guy

A followup re a hilarious (but questionable) individual who was one of the focal point of Joe McKnight's SUV scandal at Southern Cal.

NCAA insists it plays fair, but ... IT DOESN'T


Been an interesting month for us Bronco fans. Being part of the "most frivolous "Lack of Institutional Control" case in NCAA history" has been an interesting experience. Dan Wolken over at FOX sports has a great write up in light of the NCAA's recent attempt at increasing goodwill dubbed "The Enforcement Experience." Actions speak louder than words fellas. From the article: "Just think about the headlines we’ve seen in the past year. UConn basketball received only minor, meaningless penalties for using an agent and a booster to recruit a high-profile player. Even as his father admitted to soliciting a pay-for-play scheme, Newton was never suspended, and no school has been accused of violating rules. Oregon paid $25,000 to a "scouting service" run by an alleged street agent, who had connections to two high-profile players in Texas. The North Carolina football program has been probed for both academic misconduct and connecting players with agents....the general public knows the difference between sleeping on a floor in Boise and having agents recruit your players." NCAA, start acting by dropping this crapfest LOIC case and get some real work done IE:Scam Newton's Auburn, OSU, Oregon, etc.

Maybe the NCAA is Trying to Make It Up to Us for Suspending A.J.


Georgia could benefit from NCAA investigations into Boise State football and Central Florida basketball. Go 'Dawgs!

Boise State is Serious About Going Toe-to-Toe with Georgia


They've seen our "emerging from an alley" and raised us a "bunking on a buddy's couch." Go 'Dawgs!

Jim Tressel Is Safe and Bruce Feldman Is Wrong, an Examination of Where the Case Stands


Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is safer than people think and the media are perpetuating the idea that his job is inevitably in danger.

Jim Tressel Voluntarily Ups His Suspension To Five Games


Moments after the NCAA denied Ohio State's appeal of the players five game suspension, Jim Tressel announced that he'll increase his own suspension to five games. Take a wild guess who Ohio State plays in that first game back? Personally, I don't expect this suspension to remain intact. The NCAA is still investigating Tressel and Ohio State after it was revealed that Tressel knew about the tattoo-parlor violations a year ago, and failed to take action. When the NCAA finishes that investigation, I expect Tressel to be suspended even longer, if not fired.

Re. Bush/Mayo "Disassociation": Following Simple NCAA Instructions Doesn’t Equal "Cleaning House"


Southern Cal shouldn't be getting any extra pat on its back for simply following only part of NCAA instructions on penalties for their years of cheating in its athletic program.

University Of Special Cases: More Things Change, More They Remain The Same For Trogans


Some historical datapoints on systematic cheating and scandals that have come out from Southern California's tainted football program.

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