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What? Him? No...


Mike Milbury doesn't like the Shanahan Suspension Parade. Or pink hats. Or Kevin Dupont of the Boston Globe. I think. Reading his ramblings is like looking at a Sports Blowhard Rorschach test. At least he's not talking about head shots while talking specifically about head shots. (via Puck Daddy)

CBSSports.com: Oklahoma State suspends F Pilgrim indefinitely


STILLWATER, Okla. -- Oklahoma State has suspended forward Matt Pilgrim without giving a reason or a time frame for when he might return. Coach Travis Ford held the senior out of the Cowboys' "Homecoming & Hoops" exhibition Friday night.

Travaun Nixon and Marlon McClure Suspended


Bret Bloomquist is reporting that Travaun Nixon, the transfer CB that UTEP is counting on to fill in for Cornelius Brown, and reciever/return man Marlon McClure have been suspended from the team. Nixon is suspended for the first game of the season, against Arkansas Pine-Bluff and McClure has been suspended for the first two games of the season. So, the Miners won't have McClure for the Week 2 showdown with the Houston Cougars. UPDATE: Bloomquist has a new article up on the suspensions here, but still, no explanation as to why McClure and Nixon have been suspended has been released.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Canadian Amateur Hockey: A Study With NHL Implications?


I wrote this article for Copper & Blue the other day, connecting an article I recently read for class with the recent spate of cheap shots in the NHL. I conclude by pondering the effect of fans and the media on the NHL's seeming unwillingness to act against these hits.

And the hits just keep on coming . . .


David Hale is right: there's no way to justify this decision. C&F was wrong last time about "Mark Richt's seemingly arbitrary stance"---there's nothing the least bit arbitrary about distinguishing between being arrested and not being arrested---but the precedent is established and reasonable: if you get arrested, you get suspended, period. Mark Richt is a good man and a good coach, but he's wrong on this one. This is the sort of non-punishment punishment that smacks of Steve Spurrier-style "discipline." We're better than that, or, at least, we should be. Go 'Dawgs!

Kansas' Dezmon Briscoe Suspended - ESPN


Second-team All-Big 12 wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe has been suspended from Kansas for the catch-all "undisclosed violation of team rules". Wow - were this suspension to be made permanent it would be a huge blow to the Jayhawks. The Reesing-Briscoe combination is a huge reason for Kansas to contend for the Big 12 North.

Royal Ivey on copping a feel with Aaron Gray


SLAM: You were suspended for the first few games of this season for something that happened in Chicago at the end of last season. How do you feel about the incident now that it’s behind you? RI: I got caught up in the moment. If I could do it all over again, I’d never do that. But I paid the price. I got suspended, and it happened. [ed. No "sorry"? lol]

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