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Sun Belt Conference Setting a Trend?

It was only a matter of time until technology had an impact on college football off the field. Yesterday, the Sun Belt Conference conducted their football media day via videoconferencing. The coaches primarily used the webcams, while most of the writers and reporters were able to talk and look at the coaches.

As expected with any first-go at using new technology, there were some minor problems, but they worked themselves out. There were a lot of positive feelings about the videoconferencing versus the traditional media day. The participants believed it was more personable and they were able to contribute more than if they were in-person.

It was also estimated that the conference and the football programs saved over $30,000 combined not having to travel, and book hotel accommodations. The convenience factor also increased attendance. Over 50 reporters registered for the web based media conference, while less than 40 attended last year’s media day.

The conference will be using the same format for basketball media days in the fall, and Conference USA will be following in the Sun Belt’s footsteps later this month. The second and final media day will be conducted today.