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Boise State to the MWC?

In a push to be more appealing to the BCS and a possible automatic bid, the Mountain West is considering adding a tenth team to the conference. Obviously, this makes sense and could definitely help out the MWC in getting that automatic BCS bid.

Unfortunately, for the WAC, the team that the MWC might be looking at is Boise State. This move would make sense geographically and would bring another dominant team to the conference. Aside from helping out their push for an automatic bid, the addition of the Broncos would lead to some good mid season football matchups in the MWC.

We would possibly get to see Boise State vs. TCU and Boise State vs. Utah. This move would bring even more credibility to a conference that has been pretty consistent recently.

Two problems that I see stopping this move from happening. First, would be the WAC would not want to lose such a good team. Second, we know this move would benefit the MWC, but how much of an improvement is it for the Broncos?