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Florida International v. Asprilla: Another Isiah Thomas Debacle?

After only two months on the job, Isiah Thomas might be bringing Florida International University (FIU) exactly what everyone thought he would... and its not a championship. William Sanchez, attorney for estranged FIU star Freddy Asprilla, said that his client "would sue if necessary" if Isiah would not grant him a release to transfer to a major conference school. Isiah immediately pointed a finger at Athletic Director Pete Garcia, citing that it was Garcia's decision alone to grant the release.

Since the deadline for an appeal has passed, if Freddy were to leave the program for another at this point, per NCAA rules he would have no choice but to pay his tuition at what ever school he transferred too. Coincidentally enough, Thomas and Garcia neglected to inform Freddy of the impending deadline until it was to late. Asprilla, who was named Sun Belt Freshman of the Year in 09', wanted to leave the program after the firing of Head Coach Sergio Rouco and his immediate (and we're talking in 24 hours) replacement by Isiah Thomas.

Considering that FIU has granted releases for several other players (non near the caliber of Asprilla), it seems downright wrong to deny an athlete the ability to leave a program soley based on the value he brings to the team. If I were Asprilla, I'd get in touch with Stephon Marbury... he seems to know a thing or two about dealing with Mr. Thomas.