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MWC Loses Fight With BCS

Disappointing news for people who are not fans of the BCS. Today the Mountain West Conference signed the agreement between the BCS and ESPN, which runs through the end of the 2013 season. The MWC was fighting over the past six months to try and change the BCS in hopes of a more clear tournament to decide the national champion.

Unfortunately, this is a step back for the mid-major conference that would like a different kind of postseason system, but the MWC realizes at this point, they will not win the argument. In the past, the MWC has proposed an eight-team playoff system that would determine a national championship and would make it possible for any conference to have a shot at the tournament.

The MWC along with other mid major conferences are looking for a system that is equal and fair for all schools and conferences when it comes to competing in the postseason. The BCS, which started in 1997, clearly does not favor the small schools or schools from the mid-major conferences. The MWC is not one of the conferences where the conference champion would automatically qualify for a spot in one of the major bowl games, which is not fair to the conference.

Utah has went undefeated twice since 1997, and they have never made it to the national championship game. Yet, when they have played a team from a major conference in a bowl game they have won.

As with most things in business, it comes down to money and making profit. Unfortunately, the revenue stream is at the expense of athletes, students and fans having the chance to see their teams play and compete on college football’s biggest stage and a chance to win a national championship.