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Mid Major Teams Make the Preseason Cut

Last week the first Preseason top 25 poll was released and if the rankings are correct, it might bode for good things to come for the non-BCS conferences. This year marks the most non-BCS teams in the top 25 since the BCS began in 1998. Out of the four teams that made the top 25, three of them are in the top 20. Boise State (No.13), Utah (No. 18), TCU (No. 20) and BYU (No.21) all made the cut and will hope to prove to the rest of the football world that they deserve to be in the top 25.

This is a huge step in the right direction for drawing more attention to the mid major conferences. To be recognized before the season has even started says something about the quality of football that is being played within these conferences and this should benefit the non-BCS conferences in receiving more attention and becoming more attractive to bigger bowls.