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5 Mid-Major Football Coaches on the Hot Seat

Every year coaches everywhere enter seasons with unmatched enthusiasms of the things that their programs can achieve. And every year, those very coaches and their teams proceed to fall flat on their faces and accomplish little if anything. Not surprisingly, coaches who are incapable of getting it done don't often last long amongst the ranks of their peers. And so just in case they may have miscalculated their job security, here are 5 mid-major coaches who better make some in roads during the 2009-10 season or they'll be collecting unemployment come January...

#5 Neil Callaway - Alabama-Birmingham

After doubling his win total last year (from 2 wins in 07 to 4 in 08), some say Callaway has UAB headed in the right direction. But anyway you cut it, a 6-18 overall record in the state of Alabama does not usually bode well for football coaches. If Callaway doesn't get to at least 5 or more wins this season, UAB may not be willing to let him stick around from another year. With a ridiculous schedule that includes 7 out of 9 games on the road during one point, Neil better be hoping his team is ready for a break out year.

#4 Doug Martin - Kent State

After what seemed to be a break out year in 2006, when the Golden Flashes finished with a 6-6 record, Doug Martin and Kent State have continued to do what they do best, be totally inconsistent. Martin, who owns a less than stellar 19-39 record entering his 6th season as head coach, has to finally put everything together to prove to fans and the administration that he can actually put out a winning team. Anything less than a .500 season during 2009, and it will probably be Martins last in Kent.

#3 Bob Toledo - Tulane

After last year's 2-10 debacle, Bob Toldeo will be feeling more than just the Louisiana heat if Green Wave does not win more than 5 or 6 games during the upcoming season. Toldeo, most well known for leading UCLA to the 1998 Rose Bowl, hasn't done much of anything at Tulane (or his last years at UCLA). Don't be surprised to see former Green Wave head coach Tommy Bowden (fresh off his stint at Clemson) in the stands this year. It's only in his best interest that he begin to get reacquainted with the program...

#2 Robb Akey - University of Idaho

Leading the Vandals to a stupendous record of 3-21 during his first 2 seasons at the helm of head coach, Robb Akey has done little to challenge the "other team" in Idaho for wins, talent, or any other semblance of what makes a reasonably competitive football program. Boise State has proven that it's possible to win big in the state of Potatoes and Akey better follow suit soon or his tenure in Moscow will be over before the Broncos score another touchdown.

#1 Todd Dodge - University of North Texas

With an overall record of 3-21 during his first 2 years as a head coach (tied for worst with Akey) Todd Dodge's team was absolutely awful during 2008. The Mean Green were 102nd in the nation in scoring. Dead last in total defense. Dead last in scoring defense. 111th in punt returns and 114th in kickoff returns. 116th in turnover margin. They were for arguments sake, one of the worst teams to ever in modern college football. If his team does not show marked improved during the 2009 season, he will not only be fired, but most likely chased out of the state of Texas completely.