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Isiah Thomas Pulls Off Another Stunner at FIU

Dominique Ferguson (PF) , the No. 8 rising senior in the ESPN 100 and No. 16 ranked player on's class of 2011, has given a verbal commitment to come play for Isiah Thomas at Florida International University (FIU). Ferguson, who was being pursued heavily by the likes of Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana and UCLA chose to play for Isiah Thomas because of his "NBA experience as a player, coach, and evaluator of talent."

Admittedly, anyone with NBA talent is going to get scouted (well maybe not by the Memphis Grizzlies) but its a hell of a risk for a player with that much talent to go to a school that plays on TV as much as the Northwestern girls field hockey team. More importantly, there is absolutely no way that Isiah will be around to see Ferguson graduate (or make it to his junior year for that matter.)

If Ferguson plans to be one and done, going to FIU form a maximum exposure point of view makes his choice a terrible decision. If he plans to stick around for a few years, the only way it will work out is if Isiah sticks around too... and that's just not happening.