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Mid-Major College Football Week 3: Rocks, Papers, Scissors

Rocks: This group is for the players who did nothing to help their team or themselves. Their team would have been better off without them. The player did not play up to his potential and in the end hurt his teams chances of winning.

Paper: Coaches who stuck to their game plan throughout the week and it showed off on Saturday. These coaches made sure the players were focused throughout the game and made the appropriate decisions to put their team in a better position to win.

Scissors: Players who tore it up this week with big numbers all around. Thanks to these players, they give their team a shot of being competitive and give their team opportunity to win games.

Week 3:


Max Hall, QB, BYU- Hall really disappointed me this past week. I know FSU is a good team out of the ACC, but still Hall threw 3 INT, one which was ran back for a TD in the third quarter. Although Hall still threw 2 TD and over 300 yards, those three picks really hurt the Cougars and probably lost a shot at a BCS bowl game.


Jerry Kill, Northern Illinois- With the programs first victory over a Big 10 opponent since 1988, Coach Kill and his staff had a huge victory at Purdue 28-21. The Huskies totaled over 450 yards on offense and an amazing lopsided time of possession stat of almost 42 minutes of the game. Late in the fourth quarter, Coach Kill called a shocking fake punt that ended up in the Huskies favor and allowed for the Huskies to eat up more time off the clock.

The Huskies are 2-1, with their only loss an 8-point loss to Wisconsin.


Damion Fletcher, RB, Southern Miss- Fletcher had arguably his best game of the season up to this point as he rushed for 115 yards on 26 carries, averaging 4.4 yards per carry. Although the win was over an awful Virginia team, it is still a nice victory to have over an ACC opponent.

Fletcher found the end zone twice against the Cavaliers and also added six yards receiving.