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Great West Conference Men’s Basketball Champion to Participate in Postseason Tournament, a nationally recognized website, is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with the Great West Conference which grants an automatic qualifier bid to the Postseason Tournament (CIT). The Great West men's basketball conference tournament champion will automatically be placed amongst the field of 16 teams participating in the CIT.

The seven basketball playing league members of the Great West that will be vying for the bid include: Chicago State University, Houston Baptist University, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), University of North Dakota, University of South Dakota, University of Texas-Pan American and Utah Valley University The agreement makes the CIT the first postseason college basketball tournament outside the NCAA tournament to agree to an automatic qualifier to any NCAA conference.

Ultimately the goal of the Great West champion should be the NCAA Tournament and Plan B the NIT. But given the number of division I programs and the limited number of spots available, planning to get into these postseason tournaments is wishful thinking.

Of course some pundits will scoff at the notion of the Great West being guaranteed a spot in the postseason, but ask the players, coaches and fans of those programs what they think. For the first time NJIT and the other coaches in the league know there is a reward waiting in March.

Finally a victory, albeit small, for the Mid-Majors.