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2011 NCAA Tournament Coverage: Gonzaga vs BYU

This game just feels bigger than a round of 32 match-up between a 3-seed and an 11-seed, but that's what you get when the Gonzaga Bulldogs face the BYU Cougars, a meeting of mid-major royalty.

There's little question of the resumes for both schools during the regular season and Gonzaga of course with it's noted postseason success. There's star power aplenty with Jimmer Fredette and Steven Gray leading the way for their respective programs. Both teams rank in the top 6% nationally in overall scoring efficiency as there are weapons-a-plenty on the court when these two squads play, so ultimately it will come down to defense and individual match-ups within the game.

Two specific battles to watch for: Gonzaga has a poor perimeter defense which will leave them extremely vulnerable facing Jimmer on the outside as he will look to fire from the outside ad naseum. At the other end, Gonzaga is an elite low-post scoring team, something the Cougars were only average at to begin with, but now down their top interior presence in Brandon Davies the Bulldogs will have a massive advantage inside.

There's plenty to be excited about in this one and we want to hear your thoughts so vote and come share your opinions.