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VCU Shocks Kansas, Reaches Final Four

I couldn't tell you how many kids were born in local Richmond hospitals today - that's a number that escapes me. What I can tell you with absolute certainty though is the handful of individuals that were welcomed into the world on this day will forever be tied to the greatest afternoon in Virginia Commonwealth history.

Yesterday I said that hyperbole no longer applied to Butler after reaching back-to-back Final Fours. If there is a greater degree of that same sentiment - I'm not sure there is - VCU has reached that plateau. With all due respect to the magical 2006 George Mason run, the Rams have one upped their CAA bretheren.

I've spoken with several broken Kansas fans in the hours following their teams loss, they've been left numb by shock. Losing to and 11-seed, one that hails from the Colonia Athletic Association, was simply beyond the parameters of their perception. Maybe conceptualizing five wins from a Rams team deamed unworthy to even land in the First Four, let alone contend for a national title.

We'll have six days to analyze, dissect and prepare for VCU and Butler's clash. A bright day for mid-majors to be sure. Until then, let's just appreciate this game for what it is - maddeningly beautiful in a manner that only college basketball can achieve.