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Championship Week Thread: Friday March 4th, 2011

Championships week (or is it weeks) is a funny thing. It begins with a slow trickle, a handful of conferences quietly playing their opening round games as fans around the country are captivated by an endless stream of bubble watch scenarios, oblivious to the building storm. Then BOOM!

The weekend hits and all of a sudden tournaments around the country are in full swing and what? The OVC is already playing semifinal games? The Big South Championship Game is set? When did that happen?

There are a slew of games tonight which of course makes for a difficult task with these game threads. It would be ludicrous to have a separate threat for every game so we're going with just one general section to discuss any and all games in our world tonight. As for how we select which specific game to reference in our general heading? Well tonight I'm going with one of two OVC semifinals since that is the game of most importance as everyone else in action tonight (save for the Atlantic Sun) is playing first and quarterfinal round games. Don't ask me how this will be decided later in the weekend - I'll figure that out on the fly.

For now, enjoy the action tonight! There's something for everyone as the CAA, Missouri Valley, SoCon, Horizon League, Atlantic Sun, MAAC, WCC and of course the OVC are all in action tonight. So let's get the conversation started and keep it going!