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2011 NBA Draft: Reports Indicate Jimmer Fredette Impressive At Pacers Workout

We talked yesterday about Jimmer Fredette's workout this morning with the Indiana Pacers, owners of the No. 15 pick in the NBA Draft. While it's entirely likely that the former BYU star will be off the board by the time Indiana is on the clock, the Pacers high paced offense ripe with perimeter shooters could be a nice fit for the noted gunner.

According to preliminary reports out of Pacers camp this afternoon, it seems The Jimmer didn't disappoint. 


This isn't overly surprising or unexpected news. Fredette's scoring exploits are well known and his ability to put up prodigious numbers even against entire defenses that are scheming to stop him made him a national sensation. The workout environment is one in which talented and smart scorers (not shooters, scorers) often thrive. It sounds like former Duke standout Nolan Smith was on the receiving end of this latest explosion by Fredette, which isn't necessarily telling. Smith is a solid defender to be sure, but in scenarios where he has been asked to cover scoring guards as opposed to pure point guards, he has shown some signs of struggle. 

Still, based on this information, if the Pacers weren't interested in Fredette before (unlikely), they are certainly intrigued now following a great workout. Whether or not he is still around at No. 15 is a completely different matter.