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BU's Pat Chambers Penn State's New Head Coach? Not Just Yet

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After giving hint that its new head basketball coach would be named today, Penn State hasn't quite followed through - but the rumor mill has certainly heated up in a big way. 

The first big news came when John Rothstein of MSG and tossed out this tweet.


This isn't exactly a bombshell of a report as Chamber has been considered one of the leading candidates for this position almost since it became available - especially once that whole Larry Brown thing came to a close. With that said, Duquesne's Ron Everhart has presumably been the front runner - or at least he was until Jeff Goodman (on just his second day with  CBS mind you), floated this nugget out to the interwebs.


So for those of you at home putting two and two together, this seems to be a pretty strong indication of Chambers being the new leader of the Nittany Lions.

While it is certainly likely that Boston could soon be scrambling to find a new coach upon Chambers' departure, Andy Katz of joined in the fray by saying that the job wasn't a done deal just yet. According to the report, both Chambers and Milwaukee's Rob Jeter interviewed for the position in addition to Everhart and are the likely final two candidates for the position. So which direction does Penn State go? 

Both are fairly young (Jeter 42, Chambers 39) and in their first head coaching positions at their respective schools. Jeter was an assistant from 2001-2005 at Wisconsin prior to taking over at Milwaukee where he has compiled a record of 101-89 in six seasons to go along with an NCAA Tournament and an NIT berth in that stretch. Chambers has roots in Pennsylvania, spending a total of eight seasons as an assistant at Philadelphia University and Villanova before moving on to BU in 2009. The Terriers have back-to-back 21-win seasons under Chambers.

You almost can't go wrong here. Jeter has a slight edge in experience, but Chambers knows the recruiting grounds better. Chances are, we'll be getting an answer to this question in the next 24 hours. Also, be sure to check out Black Shoe Diaries, SB Nation's excellent Penn State blog for more developments.