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Minot Flooding, A Break For Now

For those of you who watch the national news you're probably aware of the devastating and record flooding that has been taking place in Minot, North Dakota. Thousands of people have lost their homes, more have been evacuated and the face of the city has been and will continue to be changed in ways that won't fully be realized for many months to come. 

I am a sports reporter in Bismarck by trade but just received word a couple of hours ago that I am being sent north to provide additional coverage of the flood. Minot is located less than two hours away. The days will be long, spent seeking out new information, telling people's stories and staying on top of this ever-changing event as best as I and my co-workers can. This of course will mean little to no time to post here at Mid-Major Madness, something I feel even worse about given my recent vacation - but these are unique times.

I will do my best to provide at least some commentary when and if the time allows, but I currently don't even know how long my stay in Minot will be. I've been told it could be a couple of days, but have also been told to pack for at least a week. Until then though, I appreciate all of you reading the site and being understanding of the sometimes busy nature of my full-time job as a reporter. Please keep the people of Minot and the surrounding area in your prayers until then.