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Mid-Major Morning Mashups: Bobcats Working Out Kawhi Leonard, Norris Cole

Bobcats Predraft Workouts, Day 3 - Rufus on Fire
SB Nation's Charlotte Bobcats blog with a nice breakdown of the latest draft workout, but of note is the list of prospects working out today. A massive two-part workout will include Norris Cole and Kawhi Leonard.

Twitter / @Kevin Anderson
Just one day after former Richmond guard Kevin Anderson was in Charlotte working out for the Bobcats, it looks like he's off to Boston for a date with the Celtics.

Jimmer Fredette: To pick or not to pick?
Jimmer Fredette would know doubt be the sexy pick for the Phoenix Suns, but would he be the right selection? Michael Schwartz shares his thoughts.

Allen plans to work his way into NBA -
A nice feature on former Temple forward Lavoy Allen as he works towards a pro career and possible spot on an NBA roster.

Looking at conference strength through value add | Big Apple Buckets
A cool look at conference strength displayed in a handy chart with some highlighted points as well. No surprise, the WCC and A-10 are tops among the non-BCS conferences.