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Victim in Zay Jackson Assault Case Thinks Sentence Too Light

The victim in the Zay Jackson assault case has spoken out and said that he thinks the sentence the Murray State guard agreed to is too light.

Jackson plead guilty to two counts of assault and agreed to a sentence of 30 days in jail, along with anger management classes and a formal apology to his victims. He began serving his sentence on Oct. 12, even though he won't be formally sentenced until Monday.

The victim, Jason Clement, believes that the sentence was too light given the troubles he is still having with his arm after taking a ride on the hood of Jackson's car:

Clement says he fell on his right arm when Jackson slammed on the brakes and he was thrown from the car. He says he has little mobility in that arm but has not been able to afford medical attention.

Still on the mend, he says he was angered to learn Jackson would be returning to the Murray State University basketball team. He does not believe a 30-day sentence is enough.

Jackson is currently suspended from the Racers squad. Athletic director Allen Ward has said that the guard's relationship with the team will be decided when he returns to school.