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Judge In Zay Jackson Assault Case Recuses Himself

The judge in the Zay Jackson assault case has recused himself on the day that official sentencing was scheduled to take place. The case will be handed to another judge who will have to approve the plea bargain that the Murray State guard agreed to.

Andy Lyons

Just when you might have thought the whole Zay Jackson saga was going to be wrapped up neatly, it all comes unraveled.

Judge Dennis Foust recused himself from the case this morning, on the day when formal sentencing was scheduled to happen. The case will now be turned over to a regional judge with the case resuming on Nov. 13.

So why is this important? After all, Jackson plead guilty and accepted a plea bargain of 30 days in jail, along with several other punishments, including the revocation of his driving privileges, and anger management classes.

The problem is that those details are not final until the judge in the case has accepted them. This is particularly tricky because the victims in the case were not pleased with the plea bargain, especially since Jackson is apparently serving his sentence on weekends while he still attends class at Murray State.

At that rate, it will take him almost four months to serve his sentence, which almost totally rules out his possible return to the Racers this season. And there is no guarantee that another judge won't increase the penalties for Jackson, even though he is a first-time offender.

(Ed. Note: Based on additional details released today, Jackson will not continue serving his sentence until the new judge rules in November.)