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Zay Jackson Is Done For the Season

Murray State's head coach and athletic director have agreed to suspend Zay Jackson for the entire 2012-13 basketball season after his sentencing is now complete.

The dynamic duo will not be this season for the Racers.
The dynamic duo will not be this season for the Racers.
Andy Lyons

From Athletic Director Allen Ward's own lips:

"It is my expectation that Zay will concentrate on getting the help he needs, fulfill the requirements that will be dictated by the court, go above and beyond the necessary steps required to become an exemplary citizen and prove to me and others that he is deserving of this opportunity to remain part of our program and university."

This will be good for Zay. Being away from what you love can get you dedicated to do what is expected of you in order to get it back.

And he will hopefully appreciate it even more and work harder to not do things like this in the future, that might cause him to lose it again.

Jackson's trial is set to resume in November with a new judge at the helm after the original judge in charge recused himself earlier this week. The terms of his plea bargain could be changed at that time.