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Zay Jackson Could Face Jail Time for Assault Incident

Zay Jackson is facing possible jail time after an alleged assault in a Walmart parking lot. The former Murray State guard is set to appear in court again on Oct. 12.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

This probably hasn't been on anyone's radar lately, but there have been quite a few developments in the story of Zay Jackson. The Murray State guard will not be with the team this season after he was suspended following an incident in a Walmart parking lot.

According to witnesses and the victims, Jackson allegedly assaulted two people with his car.

Yes, a car.

The incident seems to have erupted after Jackson was messing around in the parking lot with shopping carts and other shoppers' cars. When the victim attempted to get the license plate number on Jackson's car, the former Racer backed the car into him and caused fairly significant damage to the man.

Now this is all still to play out in court, but the system is working at what seems like a pretty fast pace considering the glacier-like normality.

The prosecutor in the case is seeking a plea bargain that would possibly include some jail time:

"With the conduct involved here we have to treat this as a felony," said Commonwealth Attorney Mark Blankenship Tuesday, explaining that he is pursuing a plea agreement. "For that to happen Jackson is going to have to be remorseful about this. Maybe we look at anger management courses, maybe some jail time. Right now, it's all ifs and buts."

In a town like Murray, things can get out of hand quickly and that appears to have been the case on Twitter. The victims have been further victimized with harassment on the social media platform and there is concern that there could be bias introduced into a jury trial.

His next court date is Oct. 12.

This is just quite a ways to fall for a player that was supposed to be a starting guard on one of the best mid-major teams in the country. Jackson was a significant contributor of minutes off the bench for the Racers, and was a passable point guard (albeit one that couldn't exactly shoot).