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Hinson: Southern Illinois' Dantiel Daniels Might Miss Just 5 Weeks

The Missouri Valley conference had their media day teleconference Tuesday, and Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson gave an update on the injury report for the Salukis.

He said the Salukis are dealing with several injury issues, but the Dantiel Daniels situation is the one that most people are concerned about:

This goes back to the first estimate Tom Weber wrote about in his blog after the injury first occurred. With Daniels out for the first five weeks, the Salukis are going to have trouble in the nonconference portion of their schedule.

Fortunately, Southern Illinois has a pretty easy slate this year, so they could survive Dantiels' injury. The real question will be what Daniels is like when he returns. Foot injuries are not exactly kind to big men long term.