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Fate of Suspended Long Island Players, Northeast Conference Coming Wednesday

Long Island University announced that decisions on the four suspended Blackbird basketball players will come on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Julian Boyd, Jamal Olasewere, C.J. Garner and Troy Joseph have all appealed their suspensions, but could be on the verge of expulsion.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Long Island University announced Thursday that the decision on the fate of the four suspended Blackbird players will come on Wednesday, Oct. 10, according to the New York Post's Zach Braziller.

Julian Boyd, Jamal Olasewere, C.J. Garner and Troy Joseph, all entered appeals following their suspension from school after an incident at an on-campus party that sent five people to the hospital. Braziller included new details in his report that outline what witnesses say occurred:

They allegedly sparked the fight, witnesses told The Post then, barging shirtless with several friends into a party in a campus lounge. After an initial altercation with track-team members, fists flew again after the general manager of the school radio station took to the stage and urged party-goers to "fight with our minds, not with our fists," witnesses said.

Garner allegedly confronted the radio manager, sparking the melee. Prosecutors said he "grabbed and pulled" one person by the ankle to the stage, and started beating and kicking him as his three teammates joined in.

That view of the incident does not place the four in a good light, and is especially damning to Garner. If different levels of punishment come out of this, he would look to be the one who gets the entire book thrown at him.

Braziller said a source told him that Long Island Provost Gale Stevens Haynes is none too happy with the situation and could push to have the players expelled.

Based on earlier reports, it seemed that there was a chance of the players returning in time for what would be a very tight conference season. But this latest news certainly casts doubts on whether any of the four will ever see the floor again in Brooklyn. That would make likely make the conference a two-horse race between Wagner and Robert Morris.