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Keep It Classy, Mid-Major Madness

Drew Hallowell - Getty Images

So this wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my morning.

I understand that over the last couple of days we have posted a few articles that call into question actions by coaches at bigger institutions. In neither case did we say they did anything specifically wrong. Yet we did take a stance and the purpose of that more than anything was to make people think.

In response to those articles, we have received some comments on the site that have been less than friendly, attacking the authors (myself being one of them) personally.

Mid-Major Madness is not about attacking each other with personal attacks. We have made our stance on political speech here known, and we do monitor each and every comment that is left on the site for hateful speech.

We want this to be a good discussion about basketball, and the issues that surround it. It can become a heated discussion, but when it reaches outside the realm of basketball and becomes attacks on the the other person, whether that is an author or a commenter, it won't be tolerated.

I didn't think we would ever get to the point where we needed to come out and say this. But apparently, even requiring you to register (oh, and we know who you are) isn't enough to deter some people from stepping over the line.

Here and forever forward are the rules:

1. If you attack someone in your comment, be prepared for that comment to be hidden or deleted from the site.

2. If you post hateful or political speech, be prepared for that comment to be hidden or deleted from the site.

3. Repeated offenders will be dealt with by banning them from participating in the discussion, and we will keep track of who you are to prevent you from coming back.

We are all adults here, and unlike some of the bigger sports sites, we do read and respond to comments. If you want to have a discussion on basketball, keep it classy. If you just want to mouth off about our mothers, future offspring, or general mental state, go do it somewhere else (I am sure you will link and we will still see it; it just won't be polluting the atmosphere around here.

Keep it classy, Mid-Major Madness.


Your friendly managing editor.