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Robert Morris Cruises in Exhibition Win, But Velton Jones Sits With Nagging Injury

It should be nothing. No reason to fret. No reason to worry. Velton Jones sat out the second half of a Robert Morris exhibition win with an injury. Just breathe. Just breathe. No worrying allowed. It will be alright, right?

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The headlines in Pittsburgh will read that Robert Morris cruised to an exhibition win Thursday night over St. Vincent. What won't be said is how little it depended on returning star Velton Jones.

Jones sat out the second half of the game after scoring just four points for the Colonials. This shouldn't be a concern because it is an exhibition game, right?

Only maybe there should be a little bit of worry, as in the little bit that you call back when Jones doesn't look himself on opening night, or during the first week of the season. Apparently Jones had to call timeout during the first half while hobbling around with an injury:

Of course, this is all overreacting. There is still time until opening night, and Toole won't let Jones go all out in practice if it means injuring himself more. It is just Rider.

Then there is this:

So don't worry Colonials fans, your star will be back to dominate on opening night ... we think.