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NIT Season Tip-Off: Panthers Handle Fordham , 86-51

In a little bit of mid-major bonus basketball, the Pittsburgh Panthers faced off against a very overmatched Fordham squad in their second home game.

Charles LeClaire USPRESSWIRE

This game did not unfold much differently than you would expect from a team of Fordham's caliber playing on the road against a team like Pitt.The Panthers jumped out to an early lead and cruised throughout the game, winding up on the happy end of a 86-51 final score.

"One of our keys was don't be out-physicaled," said Fordham head coach Tom Pecora. "and we just couldnt do it. Its like the older guys beating you up on the playground, but I think it was a great lesson."

Asked about how he felt about his team's efforts to win the battle down low, Pecora laughed.

"That was not a battle, that was a whuppin'."

Pecora pointed out the fact that his team is very young, and said that he hopes that they can learn from this experience and just keep developing. "I keep telling my assistants to get 'em old. As long as they keep competing and sticking together, I'll be happy with their performance."