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Hot Trist For Lafayette Drops LIU 98-94 in OT, 'Birds Still Seeking First Win

Dan Trist led the Lafayette Leopards tonight, and he did it with style. He took 18 shots and drained 78 percent of them, finishing with 30 points on the night. In fact, he was one of four players to to finish in double digits for the Leopards, and those four players combined to shoot 29-for-41 (71%) from the floor and another 15-for-20 (75%) from the free throw line.

The Blackbirds certainly got their points, as Brandon Thompson was the only starter who didn't score at least a dozen points, but when you allow your opponent to shoot over 50 percent on both two- and three-point shots, there is little hope to to keep your fingers crossed that you can win a track race. Tonight, LIU was left eating Lafayette's dust.

Don't look for LIU-Brooklyn to get a win anytime soon, either - they head on the road to play Maryland and Kentucky in their next two games.