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Seifert Misses Triple Double By 3 Blocks, Team Loses by 17

How bad could this have been?

Eastern Washington's Martin Seiferth scored 27 points, grabbed 17 rebounds and blocked seven shots, and his team still lost by 17 to Cal State Northridge, 96-79.

It isn't like Northridge is a power either. So far this season, they are ranked No. 255 according to Ken Pomeroy and they currently have the 295th ranked defensive efficiency. But they are 2-0 and Eastern Washington is going home with a big loss despite Seiferth's game.

Stephen Maxwell had the big game for the Matadors, scoring 21 and grabbing 10 rebounds. Josh Greene added 13 assists and three steals in the win. Even Brandon Perry came off the bench for a double-double, with 19 points and 12 boards.

Now, without Seiferth, does this go down as one of the most brutal losses that you could take? It might even rival losing to an NAIA team ... not that anyone has done that this year (yes, they have).