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North Texas Loses to D-II Alabama-Hunstville in NIT

The details of the game are still shrouded in mystery since apparently everyone in Manhattan, Kan., fell asleep during their trouncing of Lamar, but North Texas has lost 78-75 to Alabama-Huntsville.

Lost, as in out of the NIT Season Tip-Off. As in lost to a Division II team that they should have handled.


Alabama-Hunstville, the perpetrator of this mess, will now take on Kansas State in the second round for a chance to go to Madison Square Garden, and Tony Mitchell and North Texas will be playing Lamar for nothing.

This was Mitchell's best chance to perform in front of a television audience, especially with a very good team on the other side of the ball.

Now before we write off the Mean Green, they were without Brandan Walton, and last I heard, Chris Jones wasn't playing either just seemed like he was out based on his poor stat line (Justin Patton was also out for UNT). Hunstville is no pushover either. It is a power in D-II and is the first non-Division I team invited to play in this tournament for a reason.

Even so, North Texas should have won this game, especially with a future pro on the roster.

But this is what you get in November.