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CBS Sports Lays Out Injury Situation Across Country

We don't have the army of reporters that CBS can afford. But if we did, I am still not sure we would dedicate the time to contacting every single Division 1 team to find out the injury situation.

But that is what CBS has done. They lay out who will be out for how long and for what reason.

It is a pretty interesting view of the basketball situation around the country. Look at the teams that have long lists of players who are injured, or recovering, or just can't play this season. Those are the coaches who are wondering why they get up in the morning. Things certainly haven't gone in the direction they envisioned for the program.

That said, there are a lot of teams that are going to look a lot different after a month of the season or so. Just wait until they are full strength, and see the numbers for those schools change.

It is going to be one interesting year.