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Southern Illinois' Antonio Bryer Out Against Saint Louis

After his part in a scuffle during the Salukis' game against Southern Illinois-Edwardsville, Antonio Bryer will not play Saturday against Saint Louis.


Southern Illinois' Antonio Bryer will not play in Saturday's game against Saint Louis, the school announced Friday. Bryer was one of three players involved in a scuffle during the Salukis' win over Southern Illinois-Edwardsville Tuesday night.

Bryer was ejected from that game, along with Edwardsville's Jerome Jones and Ray Lester. The three players got tied up fighting for a loose ball and the scrum got a little heated, resulting in the benches clearing for both teams.

Officials ruled that no punches were thrown and the Missouri Valley Conference cleared Bryer to play. But Lester and Jones are being held out by SIU-Edwardsville and Southern Illinois had decided to do the same with Bryer.

The sophomore has averaged six points this season in the first three games for the undefeated Salukis. He scored six points total as a freshman.

Saint Louis is 2-2 this season, including a loss to Santa Clara that featured a break out game from the Broncos' Kevin Foster.