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Chad White Wins Another One at the Buzzer for South Dakota State

Chad White, the long-distance specialist for the Jackrabbits, added another buzzer beater to his resume as South Dakota State took out North Dakota.

We have been watching Nate Wolters rack up some pretty impressive scoring numbers this season, but his teammate Chad White has a pretty impressive number himself.


That is the number of buzzer-beating shots that White has made this season, each time giving the Jackrabbits the win. Wednesday night, White did it again, helping South Dakota State get past North Dakota 71-70.

The Jackrabbits grabbed a rebound with 12 seconds left, and moved the ball around the 3-point line without ever getting a clear look at the basket.

White got the ball on a pass from Brayden Carlson but was blanketed by his man on the left side. He leaned back and launched over the North Dakota defender. Nothing but net.

White finished with nine points, all coming from threes. Wolters had a tough night shooting, going 5-for-14 from the floor, but still finished with 21 points. North Dakota seemed to think it was better to foul the Jackrabbit guard rather than let him dominate on the floor.