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Hofstra Player's Parent Take Swing At Cameraman After Court

The New York Post has posted a video featuring the accused players' parents acting strangely after court. A few punches and a very odd statement ensue.

You can debate whether having a cameraman chase after the parents of the suspended Hofstra players is really necessary. After all, they aren't the ones accused of stealing a boatload of electronics from their fellow students.

But that is just what happens when you are accused of a crime in New York. The media is going to be all over it.

Well, the father of one of the accused players apparently wasn't so happy to be followed down the street after court. He took the opportunity to toss a few elbows and at least one punch at the cameraman.

Given the way the camera was chasing him, I think I might have done the same thing in his position. So his wasn't the strangest reaction we saw in the video posted over at the New York Post.

As the mother of Shaquille Stokes left the courthouse, she is asked if the kids are good, and responds yes followed by:

"This is racist. This is a racist county."

So far nothing has come out that the players were unfairly targeted here, especially since the cops have some of them admitting to the crimes. Maybe more will come out as the proceedings go on, but it is sure hard to back up her statement right now.