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Big Apple Buckets Plays Ivy League Season 20K Times

Big Apple Buckets' John Templon has run the Ivy League through 10,000 simulations ... twice. The results differ based on your starting assumptions, but the top of the Ivy has one team in common in each set of projections.

The results in the Ivy League depend quite a bit on the shadowy face of Harvard
The results in the Ivy League depend quite a bit on the shadowy face of Harvard
Christian Petersen

With all the attention paid to the computer rankings and projections this past week, John Templon at Big Apple Buckets took it one step further.

John ran each set of projections for the Ivy League (both Dan Hanner's and Ken Pomeroy's) through 10,000 simulations. The end results were widely different, which shows how wild the eight-team conference could be this season.

The biggest discrepancy comes from Harvard, which could either see its untested talent step up with the loss of Brandyn Curry and Kyle Casey, or could slip back into the pack.

Under Pomeroy's system, Harvard is right there with Princeton at the top of the pack. In fact, the two are virtually indistinguishable. But with Hanner's numbers, the Crimson don't fare too well as the losses of Curry and Casey are exaggerated.

After taking away the challenge from Harvard, Princeton won the title outright 57% of the time. Also, Columbia gets a big boost, almost tripling its chances. On the other side, Harvard plummets and Penn's chances go from longshot to non-existant.

In either case, Princeton hangs at the top of the standings, and sure looks like the team to beat in the Ivy.